Heat Pump Exceeds Expectations



In November 2019 we commissioned the latest phase of our sustainable energy delivery program at our Knocknaglogh Farm

The Klimadan A/S heat pump uses energy recovered from the slurry as a heating source.

Over 10,000 meters of pipework was laid in the slurry tanks providing a renewable heat source for the heat pump.

After two months of operation, the heat pump is currently on track to achieve annual heating related energy savings of:

  • Heating energy usage reduction from 252,880 kWh/yr to 75,464 kWh/yr (79% reduction) – We are no longer using any LPG gas.
  • Associated energy CO2 reduction from 91.4 tCO2/yr to 25.7 tCO2/yr. (72% reduction)
  • Overall heating energy cost reduction from approx. €23,000/yr to €15,000/yr (35% or €8,000/yr. cost saving)

The system also reduces ammonia by up to 30% and odour by up to 20%

This project was supported by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) EXEED program, which we’re delighted to be apart of. Great job by Klimadan A/S, Eoghain O’ Horgain and Peter McGrath on the install.